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A Journey into Old Reddit – All You Need To Know!

Over the years, Reddit, a virtual melting pot of online culture, has changed in many ways. The launch of Old Reddit, a vintage interface that has a particular place in the hearts of seasoned Redditors, is one of the turning points in its history. We’ll delve into the nuances of oldreddit in this in-depth guide, covering its features, the continuing controversy between Old and New Reddit, and what lies ahead for this venerable interface.

Explore the Original Reddit, the inception of the platform, boasting a simpler, more direct interface compared to its modern counterpart. Opting out of the redesign in your settings lets you choose the original interface. Some users favor its simplicity, appreciating its non-customizable nature. Here’s the scoop:

The layout is straightforward, displaying titles, thumbnails, and comment counts for posts from your subscribed subreddits.

Navigate effortlessly between “Hot,” “New,” “Top,” and “Controversial” posts, seamlessly toggling between subreddits.

No hover feature here; you won’t preview a post by hovering your cursor over it.

Revert to OldReddit by selecting “Opt out of the redesign” in the drop-down menu.

Tip: Elevate your OldReddit experience with the Reddit Enhancement Suite (RES) extension.

What Defines Old Reddit?

OldReddit has stood the test of time since its inception in 2005! It represents an earlier version characterized by a simpler interface, renowned for its robust community. A hub for reliable information and opinions, OldReddit’s features unfold as follows.

The Genesis of oldreddit:

Termed ‘OldReddit,’ it signifies the website version predating 2018, emerging in 2005 as a basic message board. With a straightforward design, it swiftly gained popularity among those seeking meaningful discussions.

Distinguishing Old from New Reddit:

OldReddit, or ‘Reddit Classic,’ is the unembellished sibling, offering a text-centric design with compact views of threads and subreddits. Conversely, New Reddit boasts a modern, visually appealing layout with infinite scrolling, live video, and image galleries, prioritizing security.

Pro tip: Opt for OldReddit for a simpler, text-based experience; choose New Reddit for a sleek, modern aesthetic.

User Perception of Old Reddit:

OldReddit, the precursor to the contemporary redesign, retains a basic format, eschewing modern graphics. Users vary in their reactions, but it generally garners appreciation for preserving the pre-2018 layout.

Advantages of OldReddit include simplicity and ease of navigation, facilitating content discovery. Despite some favoring the modern redesign, many seasoned Reddit users cling to OldReddit.

Pro Tip: To experience OldReddit, tweak the URL from “www.reddit.com” to “old.reddit.com.”

Click here to view the site

Key Features of Old Reddit:

OldReddit stands out as an exceedingly user-friendly social news website, celebrated for its simplistic design and navigational ease. Highlights include:

  • Clear Navigation Bar: Swiftly locate different categories and subreddits at the top of the page.
  • Customizable Layout: Tailor your content-viewing experience according to your preferences.
  • Keyboard Navigation: Expedite browsing with keyboard shortcuts, ensuring efficiency.
  • Threaded Comment System: Easily track conversations and engage with comments.

In essence, OldReddit offers a straightforward UI, customizable features, and efficient navigation, making it a preferred choice for those valuing convenience and functionality.

Pro Tip: Maximize your OldReddit experience with keyboard shortcuts for rapid browsing!

Journey into Old Reddit

Reddit Enhancement Suite (RES):

The Reddit Enhancement Suite (RES) browser extension enhances the OldReddit experience with features like:

  • Night mode: Comfortable dark mode viewing.
  • User tags: Attach helpful info to user profiles.
  • Keyboard shortcuts: Streamlined navigation.
  • Live comment preview: Visualize comments as you type.
  • Infinite scroll: Automatic loading of new posts.

Embrace RES for a more user-friendly and personalized Reddit encounter.

Pro Tip: Integrate this extension for an optimal Reddit experience.

Community-Driven Content:

At the heart of Reddit lies community-driven content, and OldReddit champions this ethos. Key features include:

  • Subreddit Sidebar: Moderators curate links, guides, and resources, fostering community-driven content.
  • Multireddits: Combine different subreddits or view them separately, promoting collaboration.
  • Comment Navigation: Engage easily with interactive UI for upvoting, downvoting, and commenting.
  • Reader-Friendly Interface: A neat design simplifies browsing and content discovery.

Leverage OldReddit’s features to enrich your Reddit experience!

Moderation Options: OldReddit empowers subreddit moderators with diverse moderation tools, including:

  • Modqueue: Review flagged posts/comments before appearing on the subreddit.
  • Ban tools: Restrict individual users or entire sites from posting/commenting.
  • Flair: Classify posts or recognize user roles with labels like “Moderator” or “Verified User.”
  • AutoModerator: Automate post/comment approval/removal based on criteria.

These options uphold subreddit cleanliness and safety.

Privacy and Security: While OldReddit may lack the modern flair of its redesign counterpart, it offers enhanced privacy and security features, such as:

  • HTTPS Encryption: Default encryption shields your data from potential threats.
  • Ad-Free Experience: OldReddit remains ad-free, eliminating exposure to potentially harmful content.
  • No Snooping: Your data remains private, untracked and unstored.

Opt for OldReddit for a secure and private browsing experience without compromising on features.

Bonus tip: Boost online privacy and security with a VPN!

How to Utilize Old Reddit:

Embark on a journey through the classic features of Reddit with OldReddit! An alternative to the modern design, it unfolds as follows:

Creating an Account and Signing In:

Easily create a new Old Reddit account by following these steps:

  1. Visit old.reddit.com and click “Sign Up” at the top-right.
  2. Input your username, email, and password.
  3. Click “Create Account” to complete the process.

To sign in:

  1. Visit the OldReddit website and click “Log In” at the top-right.
  2. Enter your username or email and password.
  3. Click “Log In” to access your account.

Account creation and sign-in unlock personalized features, including commenting, upvoting/downvoting, and content saving.

Browsing and Searching for Content:

Old Reddit, though succeeded by a redesign in 2018, remains favored by some for its simplicity and customizability. Master the art of using OldReddit with these tips:

  1. Access OldReddit by adding “old.” before “reddit.com” in the URL (e.g., old.reddit.com).
  2. Customize the look by selecting preferences and choosing your desired options.
  3. Browse and search for content using the subreddit search on the right side or the advanced search feature.
  4. Subscribe to subreddits for tailored content based on your interests.

Posting and Commenting on Old Reddit:

OldReddit, cherished for its classic design, provides a platform for posting and commenting:


  1. Navigate to your chosen subreddit.
  2. Click “Submit a new text post.”
  3. Enter your post’s title and


To sum up, OldReddit is a living reminder of Reddit’s history rather than just a remnant of the past. Examining the vintage UI gives users, whether they are seasoned veterans of Reddit or beginners, an insight into the platform’s lengthy past. OldReddit is still a beloved choice for anyone looking for a little nostalgia in their online explorations while Reddit undergoes continuous change.


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