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All You Need to Know: Dr. Andrew Jacono Yelp Reviews


The search for improving ones looks via cosmetic surgery undoubtedly begins with locating the most qualified of plastic surgeons. With so many choices out there, going through reviews & testimonials is a must to guarantee nothing but the best. This article digs into the Yelp reviews of Dr Jacono, bringing forth patients’ experiences, both good and bad.

Who is Dr. Andrew Jacono?

Dr. Andrew Jacono is one of the greatest names in facial plastic surgery in the United States. Dr. Jacono has mastered different procedures such as face & neck lifts, rhinoplasty among other and this has earned him reputation for being efficient & effective in delivering the desired results to his clients.

Dr. Andrew Jacono Yelp Reviews – Negative Experiences

Nevertheless, Dr. Jacono has been called to the carpet by his patient constituency as demonstrated by his Yelp reviws . These reviews highlight instances where procedures did not meet expectations, accompanied by concerns regarding the high costs associated with the services.

One very upsetting review is on a patient who had a neck lift done with such bad results the patient has permanent nerve damage with constant discomfort. Such experiences clearly reflect that one must be very careful about the surgeon from whom he/she is having any kind of cosmetic surgery.

Dr. Andrew Jacono Yelp Reviews – Positive Experiences

You can’t argue with negative reviews, though positive feedback should be acknowledged as well. Some of Dr. Jacono’s patients have voiced satisfaction concerning his services, mentioning excellent results & remarkable bedside manner. Nevertheless, all these positive experiences are juxtaposed against the negative feedbacks, hence prospective patients are stuck in this dilemma.

Recommendations for Potential Patients

For those planning to have cosmetic surgeries by Dr. Andrew Jacono or any other plastic surgeon, the need for proper research should be noted. Besides scanning Yelp feedback, prospective patients need to get referrals, book consultations, and raise important questions in relation to the surgeon’s expertise, method, & success rates.

Besides, it is also imperative to ask of the before & after pictures of previous patients so as to assess the surgeon’s aesthetic sense and to identify whether the desired outcomes match the surgeons capabilities. Analyzing the decision thoroughly is the way for patients to reduce the risks for a successful experience.

Choosing the Right Surgeon: Other than Yelp

Although Yelp reviews may be informative, one should also do diligent research & take into account many other factors while choosing a surgeon. Such factors as board certification, experience, patient testimonials, & personal consultations are all to be taken into account when choosing a surgeon who suits your needs.


In conclusion, being a smart patient and a shrewd customer matters a lot in the field of plastic surgery. Dr. Andrew Jacono’s Yelp reviews are a great tool for potential patients, highlighting both good and bad experiences. Through in-depth review of these blogs, seeking skilled assistance and comprehensive research, one can make sound judgements meeting the beauty standards and upholding one’s health.


Is Dr. Andrew Jacono the only mixed reviewed surgeon?
No, like any other profession, the plastic surgery works performers may get diverse reactions ministering to for the unique experiences and expectations of patients.

What am I to do with the negative reviews when deciding on a plastic surgeon?
Negative views should be taken together with positive feedback & other considerations such as certification, experience and personal consultations.

Are Yelp reviews the only basis for rating a plastic surgeon?
Yelp reviews are informative, however it also helps to look into other resources which can be referrals, professional associations, or by directly getting in touch with the surgeon’s office.

Can I believe online reviews when selecting a plastic surgeon?
Online reviews are very valuable but using them to inform a decision should be done critically & balanced against other sources of information.

What should I do to make sure that I will get a good result with the plastic surgeon I have selected?
Conduct thorough research, communicate frankly with the surgeon, define the expectations, and follow pre/post-operative directives strictly to maximize the chances of a favorable outcome.


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